The Benefits & Installation Process of Touchscreen POS Systems

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Update time : 2022-11-23

Touchscreen POS systems have revolutionized the retail industry. Ever since POS technologies arrived in the market, there was a further need to elevate customer experience and checkout operations. This need was fulfilled with the introduction of POS touchscreen monitors. These have redefined POS features to another level.

Touchscreen POS systems can be divided into two categories based on touch configuration and screen built-up:

· Resistive screens: These come with double layers and a void amidst them. A little pressure generated from touch makes these layers meet. This is when the screen responds. Resistive screens consist of many sensors however, they fall a tad behind when it comes to touch sensitivity.

· Capacitive screens: These are quite popularly used in the current market scenario. These are fragile but fast and efficiently respond to touch commands.

Benefits of Touchscreen POS Systems

Opting for a touchscreen POS system can do wonders for your business. Here are its extensive benefits you should know:

All-in-one POS Solutions

Imagine having all your payment processing and checkout needs being taken care of by a single system! That’s exactly what POS touchscreen monitors and equipment does. They bring the concept of all-in-one POS solutions to reality! An easy setup and software synchronization can help you in many ways, such as:

· Managing inventory items
· Managing product pricing
· Changing item details
· Maintaining purchase records

Ease of Use

POS touchscreen monitors are very easy to use. Your staff won’t have to learn anything complex as these are very user-friendly. Touchscreen POS solutions make your business operations smoother, faster, and truly streamlined. You and your team can simply become proficient at using and operating these systems.

Quicker Processing

Quicker checkouts mean your customers will not have to wait in queues for a longer period of time. Touchscreen POS systems are immensely helpful when it comes to fast checkout times. You’ll just have to scan the items, enter the relevant functions on the screen, and voila – the checkout is complete! This also helps you in retaining your customers. It’s because customers tend to switch to another store if they’re made to wait for a long time.

Moreover, touchscreen POS hardware comes with amazing software solutions. It can help you with account management, updates, and accurate business functions as it can be integrated with other systems.


Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Management

Connect your touchscreen POS terminal with your inventory and see the magic unravel itself! Bid adieu to the hassle of keeping a count of your items manually. With the POS touchscreen system, you can accurately maintain track of your items in stock and the items to be ordered. Hence, customers will never go back empty-handed due to reasons like the unavailability of products. Also, you can set reminders whenever an item group requires replenishment.

Better Customer Service, Experience, and Management

Your customer data management needs are in safe hands when you switch to touchscreen POS solutions from the traditional ones. Whether it’s about purchase records, customer preferences, or refunds and returns, you’re all set in a matter of some taps. Even for the customers, the query and issue resolution process will be a quick one.

The Installation Process

The Installation Process

Your all-in-one point-of-sale touchscreen system can be ready to use in a matter of 5 steps:

1. It all starts with the installation of the POS software on your computer or other devices.

2. Once you’ve installed the software, enter your store details, product details, groupings, pricing, etc.

3. Integrate other hardware with the software, such as receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, card terminals, etc.

4. Now, set up your payment options which will later be displayed on the POS screen.

5. Sync your all-in-one POS system with your inventory, account management system, staff management system, and other devices.

Providing System Access to the Staff

Providing System Access to the Staff

POS touchscreens can be configured differently for different user profiles. You can simply authorize selective members of your staff with varied tasks. For instance, account management features can be allocated to the one you think can manage them whereas, for inventory management, you can grant access to someone else on your team. Moreover, you can allot cash drawer access to the ones you trust. This way, the security of your finances and critical data can be maintained.

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