Top 5 Benefits of a Touch Screen Cash Register

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Update time : 2022-09-23

If 2013 was the year of “customer experience” as reported in a story in RIS (Retailer Info System News), then 2014 will surely be the year of further integrating technology into the customer experience. The story, written in early 2013, outlines the retail industry’s focus on meeting customers’ wants and needs. It specifically calls out how customers expect a fast, efficient in-store experience, and recommends a touch screen cash register as a very effective way to meet this goal.

One of the best ways to improve customer service is to offer fast checkout or payment options; and this is best achieved with a touch screen cash register. Revel Systems iPad POS is a great way to transition into a tech-based in-store experience with several valuable features. The top five benefits of a touch screen cash register are as follows:

  1. Payments – Touch screen cash registers allow businesses to ring in customers and swipe credit cards quickly and securely. The cash purchase process is also streamlined.

  2. Signing for Credit Cards – Customers conveniently sign right on the screen saving time and eliminating possible paths to identity theft.

  3. Paperless Processing– Environmental concerns are on everyone’s mind these days, and saving paper by not printing receipts helps. Receipts can also be sent directly to your customer’s email inboxes.

  4. Tracking Inventory – Stock issues are no longer a guessing game. When an item is sold, your POS system will automatically know when to reorder inventory.

  5. Managing Sales and Documents – An automated POS system keeps a real time record of every transaction; finding and resolving issues is a snap. It also helps improve productivity of employees and increases customer service levels.

Revel Systems’ touch screen cash register provides all these benefits plus plenty more. Your customers will now be able to enjoy a streamlined, contemporary checkout experience that can even interact with their personal mobile devices. And, your employees are freed up from many of the manual duties like record keeping and inventory control. The time saved allows for a deeper focus on providing a higher level of customer service.

Another great solution from Revel is the Customer Display System that provides a detailed customer-facing screen that displays all components of the transaction from itemized product listings to the calculated sales tax. When used in conjunction with your iPad POS, the Customer Display System offers new levels of functionality and convenience. Revel Systems can help you improve your customer’s experience and increase productivity and profits at the same time. After all, isn’t that what being in business is all about?

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