Why Square POS?

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Update time : 2022-04-13

Square is a complete POS (Point of Sales) system – it allows you to take credit cards, track inventory and manage your daily finances. You can use Square on an internet browser or via apps for Android or iOS devices. The service itself is free – but there are charges associated with using the actual reader hardware. So I suggest getting a Square stand if you are serious about starting your own business on the fly.

The great thing is that Square POS works with the iPhone 4, 4s & 5 as well as some Android devices. The Square dashboard also allows you to print receipts on either thermal printers (which look like regular receipt paper) or via an internet printer that prints PDF receipts that can be emailed or text messaged to your customer.

Square uses a very simple, but effective interface for its point of sale system. The example above shows the “Square Register” app – this is what you see when you first log in to a Square account and it’s used to take credit card payments via the Square card reader (which plugs into the headphone jack of your phone).

The nice thing about using this app is that it makes taking credit cards fun and easy – you simply enter in how much money you want to charge and swipe the customer’s credit card. Once you get everything entered, all you do is click on “process payment” and you will see your customer’s name and how much they paid you.

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