How to Choose POS Receipt Printer

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Update time : 2022-09-13

Well, you are now familiar with printers. Of course you know what laser and inkjet printers are, but how about POS printers?

A POS printer is also a printer except that it is specialized to print receipts, normally as a hardware for your point-of-sale software (such as Imonggo).

A POS printer is normally smaller in size and prints very fast (to about 8 inches per second). It also uses paper rolls instead of paper sheets. You should consider using a POS printer if you have to print receipts every day. It is certainly more cost effective.

POS Printer Brands

Popular brands of POS printer include Epson, Star Micronics, IBM, Samsung, Ithaca (Transact Technologies), Cognitive, and Citizen. Each brand also produces several models of printers.

Epson is the most the popular brand among all of them because printing is their core business. Star, meanwhile, should be your choice if you are using Mac or Linux because it is the only company that has a software driver for Mac and Linux. IBM is a leading brand known for selling POS hardware (complete with PC, printer, drawer, etc), but it could be more expensive.

POS Printing Technologies

Most POS printers either use dot-matrix or thermal transfer printing technology. A dot matrix (also called impact) printer uses a print head that runs back and forth on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper. A thermal printer, on the other hand, produces a printed image by selectively heating thermal paper, just like how your fax machine prints.

Thermal printers are faster and more cost effective since they do not require ribbon replacement; on the other hand, dot-matrix printer can print on 2-ply paper. This allows you to keep a duplicate copy of the receipt. Thermal printouts also fade over time or when exposed to heat.

Connecting to Your Computer

POS printers can connect to your computer using different interfaces. These include USB, Parallel Port or Serial Port. Always choose a USB connection unless you are using an older computer that either has only a parallel or serial port.

So, How Do You Choose POS Receipt Printer?

Imonggo recommends that you choose a POS printer based on simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and practicality–the core philosophy of Imonggo.

  • Choose Epson if you are using Windows, or Star if you are using Mac/Linux
  • Always go for entry-level (or simple) models but follow the guidelines below
  • Choose thermal printing unless you require to print on 2 ply-paper
  • Choose USB interface unless your computer does not support USB
  • Also look for a printer that has a paper cutter and a port that supports a cash drawer

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