POS machine maintenance 2 tips

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Update time : 2022-11-18

After the end of each day, we should clean it on time. When using the screen cleaning solution, spray the nozzle away from the cleaning part at a distance of 6cm and at a 45-degree angle. After 3 seconds, use the microfiber cloth. Wipe up and down until it is clean.

1. The cashier should wipe the body, display case, keyboard, etc. with a damp cloth every day.

2. When cleaning the cash register, you should turn off the power and then clean it. Dust particles from the screen gap can be cleaned by a brush.

3, the display screen is a liquid crystal screen, it is not easy to clean frequently, if you wipe the screen, it is recommended to use the screen-specific cleaning solution for cleaning, and then wipe the dust with a clean soft cloth.

4. Do not stick paper on the cash register.

5. The vent of the cash register is a place with a lot of dust. When cleaning, you can use a brush to clean the dust on both sides, and then wipe it with a soft cloth, which will be cleaner.

6. The cash register track also needs to be cleaned regularly. You can wrap the clean paper sheet around the magnetic card and then lightly brush it on the cash register magnetic card to clean the dust on the track. This method is very practical.

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