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7 Best POS Systems For Small Business (Only 2022 Top Rated)

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List and review of the Top POS Systems for Small Businesses with features and price comparison:

Small Business POS software is the system for small retailers to help with the retail management process.

It also helps with creating product entries, calculating total costs & taxes, accepting payments, and creating bills.

Small Business POS software includes the features and functionalities for order management, inventory management, customer management, shift management, reporting, and payment management. It can also perform the functions of maintaining customer records, inventory management, and POS operations.

Some of the top advantages of using POS systems include live data access, automation of inventory management, accurate sales history, helping in customer marketing, streamlining tax and accounting, and simplifying the process of staff management.

The below image will show you the usage of POS system by different business types:

As per the research performed by Gorspa, 62% of new business owners prefer cloud-based systems. More than 30% of the merchants change their current POS system because of the features and more than 25% of the merchants switch the services due to lack of customer support.