How to use the POS smart cash register?

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Update time : 2022-11-17

Speaking of cash registers, many offline brick-and-mortar stores should not be unfamiliar, and today’s intelligent cash registers are also a wide range of categories, with a variety of functions, from the traditional cash register transition to sweep code cash register, face payment cash register, etc., the development of cash registers can be said to have made a qualitative leap. Today’s cash register manufacturers Tcang I want to talk about the future development of cash registers, but from the professional performance of the products of cash register manufacturers and we talk about the use of equipment considerations.


How to safely and correctly use the POS smart cash register?

Many customers using POS cash registers for the first time, do not know how to safely use the cash register, so there are many cash registers suffered damage, can not work, once the cash register back to the manufacturer to repair and marketing stores cash register, so to master how to correctly and safely use the cash register is necessary to follow the principles of safe use of cash registers is to protect the premise of the normal use of cash registers, then how to safe and correct use of POS smart cash registers?

Smart cash register use 12 points of caution

1, choose a flat and vibration-free countertop to place the cash register.
2, the location of the cash register should be selected to avoid direct sunlight, temperature changes are not significant, away from water and dust less place.
3、Please keep the cash register away from strong electromagnetic fields.
4、In areas or stores where the quality of the power grid is poor, a regulated power supply should be provided to power the cash register separately.
5、Please pay attention to use the same power supply voltage as the one indicated on the nameplate behind the casing, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged or cannot work. It is better for the cash register not to share a socket with other high-powered appliances that start frequently, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. Power outlets should also be located closer to the cash register and easy to plug and dial, so that the fastest way to cut off the power in case of emergency.
6、Make sure the cash register does not come into contact with any liquid. Once this happens, please unplug the power supply immediately and notify the relevant dealer immediately.
7、Do not vibrate violently, shake or hit the cash register with force.
8、Avoid using the cash register in an environment of too high or too low temperature, and avoid exposing the cash register to strong sunlight or high humidity.
9、Do not plug and unplug the charged parts and peripherals of the cash register in the charged state.
10、When cleaning the cash register, please do not use wet rags or chemicals to wipe the body of the machine. Such as: gasoline, thinner, etc.
11、When the cash register is malfunctioning, cut off the power immediately and stop using it. Please do not disassemble or repair it privately.
12、If the battery is not replaced properly, it will cause the risk of explosion. Only use the manufacturer’s recommended replacement parts of the same type or equivalent. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for disposal of used batteries.

POS smart cash register machine maintenance requirements

Although different POS cash register operating procedures vary, but in the maintenance and maintenance requirements are basically the same. Generally must do the following aspects.
1, should keep the machine’s appearance neat and tidy: do not allow the placement of items on the machine, waterproof, dustproof, oil-proof.
2, all relevant power transformers and UPS to be separated from the open, to prevent high temperatures and lead to equipment burnout.
3, the action should be light, especially when opening and closing the money box to prevent vibration.
4、The connection of the power cord should be safe and fixed, not to move the machine and disassemble the internal devices at will.
5, after the power off, at least after a minute to open, not frequently on and off, and often check the print ribbon and print paper, timely replacement of ribbon and print paper, keep the printer clean inside.
6, regular cleaning machine: dust and stain removal.
7, the stores should designate a person responsible for the daily maintenance work, to be able to skillfully troubleshoot the general, timely replacement of ribbons, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
8, the company will be the operation of the stores, maintenance of the situation from time to time to implement checks, such as violations of specific operating procedures, are to implement certain economic penalties. Where the improper use of human caused by machine damage, repair costs are self-financed.

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