How to run transactions on a cash register

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Update time : 2022-10-07

How to run transactions on a cash register

How to run transactions on a cash register

Step 1: Log in to cash registers

To use the cash drawer, you need to enter a security code or password. Some cash registers will use employee ID or emails to attribute each sales order to a specific cashier. It’s helpful for you to track the sales of each employee or to handle errors.

Step 2: Enter information and quantity of items

You can use the numeric keys to enter the exact quantity of the item when paying a customer.

Then, press a button after that item’s cash price to assign it to a sale category like food or clothing. In addition, you can choose the corresponding tax rate for the item category. Refer to the cash drawer manual for how to set up taxes.

If the customer pays for multiple copies of the same item, press the item quantity, then press the QTY/X-TIME button and then the price of an item, and finish with the department key. For example, if a customer buys 2 books for $7.59, you press 2 and then press QTY / X-TIME. Then press 759, then the department key.

Modern cash registers can integrate with a barcode scanner to scan barcodes and enter product information automatically, and you won’t need to enter it manually.

Step 3: Add a discount or gift card coupon code

Add a discount or gift card coupon code

You may need to enter a discount percentage to apply the discount code. To do that, press the department button. Next, enter the discount percentage, for example, 10 for 10% off, and then press the % key in the row of buttons to the left of the numeric keypad.

Step 4: Choose a payment method

Retail stores will accept many popular payment methods for customers, such as cash, checks, credit cards, gift cards, and other contactless e-wallet payment methods. To record a customer’s payment method, follow these steps:

Accept a cash transaction

Enter the cash amount the customer gives you and press the CASH or AMT TND button. It’s the widest button on the bottom right part of the cash register keyboard.

Some cash registers will show the odd amount to return to the customer. However, you’ll have to do the math in your head with some older cash register models.

Here, you may wonder how to open a cash register without a key. With some POS systems, after you click the print receipt, your cash drawer will automatically open, and you can place cash in the drawer.

Accept a credit card transaction

Accept a credit card transaction on a cash register

First, you get a credit card from another. Next, press the CREDIT or CR button.

Then, please enter the required amount into the credit card machine and run it.

Accept a check transaction

First, you enter the exact amount of the check.

Next, press the CK or CHECK button. After receiving the customer’s check, you put the check in a drawer.

Note: If you want to open the cash drawer when you’re not selling, you can press the NO SELL or NS button. You can decentralize this function for management only.

Step 5: Print the receipt

Press the FEED or arrow keys to bring the receipt up. You can then read the total on the receipt.

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