How to Integrate Payment Processing With Your POS System pos with payment processing

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Update time : 2022-12-02
pos with payment processing
Business owners should consider investing in a point-of-sale system that is compatible with credit card processing. If the POS system doesn’t work well with the credit card reader, the checkout will take longer, and accounting reconciliations will be difficult. Merchants may need to research the best POS system that works with credit card acceptance. This entails investigating compatible hardware, software, and features that both systems must have to operate concurrently. If merchants are unsure where to begin, this guide will help them choose a POS and credit card processing service and the steps required to make both systems work together.

How Do I Connect My Payment Processor to My POS System?

If you’re like many business owners, you may not have thought about how your POS system and card reader work together. However, if this is the case, you may miss a great opportunity. It is not difficult to integrate a point-of-sale system with payment processing, and it can save time and increase revenue when you do. Adding a card reader or POS system to your business can increase profits and efficiency. When you combine these technologies in your workflow, you can improve your results even more. To ensure your company operates at peak efficiency, you must find compatible hardware and software to take advantage of every feature available. The NRS POS integrates for free with NRS Pay credit card processing. It can be integrated, as well, with other card payment acceptance companies. Follow the tips below to make the process simple.


1. Researching the Best POS System

When choosing a POS system, merchants should look for features such as sales processing, recording transactions, and inventory tracking. Fast checkout, with efficient ID license scanning where applicable, is essential for keeping the line moving. When a customer checks out, the point-of-sale system should work closely with the credit card reader to be able to record the sales and accept payment methods, including credit cards. The merchant’s processor must accept payment methods so that customers are not limited in their payment options. A high-tech point-of-sale system with a credit card processor should include these features and can have other additional features that can benefit your business. You need to find a better option if the two systems do not have these basic features.

2. Picking a Payment Processing Service

There are many other factors to consider when choosing a POS system, such as a compatible payment processor. A payment processor allows a company to accept credit card, debit card, and ACH payments from customers. There are countless options available, but merchants must select the best payment processor for their preferences, priorities, and budget. For example, if merchants mostly take phone orders, they may require a processor that allows them to enter the credit card information manually. And if merchants accept orders in-store and over the phone, they will need a processor with multiple payment options such as a chip reader, a magnetic stripe reader, a mobile payment option, and so on.

Regarding the budget, it all comes down to the overall cost, which includes monthly fees, chargeback fees, transaction fees, and set-up costs. Merchants should compare the monthly costs of each company they are considering. It is also advisable to look at the cost per transaction each company offers and the pricing model they provide.

With NRS Pay, their credit card processing system lets merchants integrate their point-of-sale system for free. NRS Pay also offers a FEEBU$TER rebate that helps businesses accept a high volume of credit card payments. You can conduct unlimited credit card processing transactions for one flat monthly fee of just $49.95, with zero dollars out of your pocket. Process more than $18K/mo. We can waive your $49.95/mo. Fee. Merchants who choose NRS Pay receive no hidden fees or termination fees. They also get a free credit card reader that accepts all major credit cards and EBT.

3. Should my POS System include Security and Customer Service?

When searching for a POS system and card reader provider, the functionality of the systems is just as important as the services they provide to their customers. Customers and merchants can be vulnerable to fraud if they do not use the proper software to secure credit card information and other sensitive information. It is best to check that your service providers have security features like anti-theft services and a panic button.

NRS offers premium features to customers who buy their POS, such as a panic button and security camera integration with real-time DVR surveillance. The software should also offer features that cater to your customers, such as a loyalty program or an interactive customer checkout experience.

As a merchant, having a POS system with these features is always a good idea to protect you and your customers. If your POS does not offer these features, you may be more susceptible to theft and not get as many customers.

What Benefits Come With POS-Linked Credit Card Processing?

Merchants can reap the benefits of these features when they use an all-in-one POS solution and credit card reader. The features assist the merchant in managing all aspects of their store and increasing profits. The following features demonstrate the benefits a POS system can provide to merchants and help them run a successful business:

Faster Checkout Times

The POS system and card reader will save you time when processing payments at the register. A high-tech point-of-sale system can allow the merchant to scan and enter the product’s data in seconds. Merchants can also include discounts, ongoing sales, and their loyalty program at the checkout. These transactions are calculated by the point-of-sale system and sent to your card reader.

posThis enables merchants to provide a faster checkout experience for their customers and increase their revenue in a short period of time. The point-of-sale system also includes a scanner and an integrated scale, which allows merchants to determine how much of a product a customer purchased and scan the barcode on the product to make payment processing easier. Having a payment processor that does not accept major credit card companies will limit your customers’ options for how they will pay for your products. When customers complete the transaction, your POS system will record the information.

Keeping Accurate Records

At checkout, the POS system records all transactions and can track checks, cash, and mobile payments, so merchants can see every penny that enters their accounts. The POS system must also include the store’s sales statistics, performance, and profits. These statistics determine which items are most purchased and where merchants make the most money.

Security Integration

There are multiple ways for merchants and their customer’s information to be stolen if they do not have a reliable credit card reader or point-of-sale system. The magnetic chip on the customer’s credit card is read by most card readers, which use Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) technology. EMV has encryption technology that is difficult for fraudsters to hack and duplicate, and the chip collects payment information from customers rather than the cardholder’s data.

The point-of-sale system will also be set as another extra layer of security with employee logins and keeping track of records such as possible theft or fraud. ​​When a merchant selects a point-of-sale system and a credit card processing company that provides these services, they will benefit from a higher level of security. This will make customers feel more secure knowing their information is safe at your store.


Marketing Features

Ensure that the point-of-sale system has other features that help gain more customers, such as marketing your store. Owning a credit card processing system that accepts most credit card companies will help gain more customers, mainly if you accept EBT. If your store accepts EBT, your customers will love that you are broadening your consumer base to the less fortunate, making your store more popular. Consider purchasing a point-of-sale system with a customer-facing screen to advertise ongoing sales, discounts, or products you may be selling. That way, customers will be informed of what is happening at your store and want to know how they can save on their purchases.

POS+ Is a POS System With Credit Card Processing

At National Retail Solutions, Inc. we understand that small businesses like yours require a simple solution for sales management. You need resources that are both effective and understandable. We developed the POS+ system to meet these standards and began offering payment processing services. The all-in-one POS solution, POS+, contains all the software and hardware required to process sales and grow your business. You can also add a credit card reader to your POS. The advantages of an integrated POS system and payment processing solution are available, in addition to a free EMV card reader. Our system is the World’s Greatest POS System, and we will do everything possible to make your payment card processing experience as simple and stress-free as possible. We have successfully collaborated with a diverse range of businesses and have an appealing loyalty program to provide you with even more benefits. Let us handle the challenging payment processing aspects so you can focus on developing a profitable business. Please contact our sales team today to learn more about POS+ or request a quote.

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