How to choose a pos system?

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Update time : 2022-09-23

With the development of technology, smart POS has become the essential equipment for setting up a shop.

But how to choose POS is also a distressing problem for the green hands. will customize the most suitable POS solution for you!

The colors of POS

Practices show that different colors contain different emotional appeal. In addition to colorless black, white and gray, we also provide you with several color matching schemes according to different scenes:

1.Catering industry: Red, Red with orange, Orange, to stimulate appetite.

2.Leisure industry: Red, Blue, Green, symbolizes passion and closeness to nature.

3.Medical service: Blue, Green, symbol of calmness and life.

4.Transportation: Blue, Yellow, Orange, symbol of technology and safety.

The ports of POS

Then, let’s talk about the ports. In order to connect more external devices with POS, multiple ports are the first choice of a good POS. However, it doesn’t mean the more the better, as long as the basic peripheral equipment can be satisfied is ok.

Integrated devices

Due to different requirements of users, it’s necessary to design one POS that with more functions than the old type, thus we designed the models as below, POS with integrated thermal printer.

(Click the picture for more details)

POS and printer are the essential devices for business, make the printer integrated with the POS, not only can save space, but also convenient for use.

Of course, the standards for selecting POS are more than 3 points, to know more details about POS, please visit, let Gilong tailor-made for you the most suitable POS solution.

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