Why is the touch screen cash register screen not responding?

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Update time : 2022-09-23

The screen of the touch screen cash register does not work. There is no response when touching any part. First check whether the wiring interface is loose. Then check if there is any conflict between the serial port and the interrupt number. If there is any conflict, adjust the resources to avoid conflicts. Then check the surface of the touch screen for cracks. If there is any crack, it should be replaced in time.

If the above parts are normal, you can use the replacement method to check the multi-function touch cash register, replace the control box first, then replace the touch screen, and then replace the host.

Can be repaired as follows:

1) Check if the connection of the touch screen is connected. One of the connections to the keyboard port of the host (take the 5 volt touch screen working voltage from the keyboard port) is connected. Please check the connection.

2) If the confirmation is not the above, please delete the touch screen driver and restart the computer to reinstall the driver.

3) If the touch screen has been used for a long period of time (4-5 years) and some areas of the touch screen cannot be touched, it may be that the touch screen is broken, please replace the touch screen.

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