How to quickly enter goods into the cash register machine?

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Update time : 2022-10-12

After buying a cash register machine, many people have a headache. All the products in the store, especially medium and large supermarkets, have many types of goods. It is a headache to enter product information to the cash register.

How to quickly enter goods into the cash register machine?

1. According to the common product entry method, many people manually enter the product barcode in the cash register software to save the product. The manual input of the barcode is much less efficient than the scanner scan product code, so the product is entered into the cashier. When using the machine, using a scanner will greatly improve efficiency.

2. In order to improve the collection efficiency of the cash register, after the third-generation cash register in the market, the cash register is touch-type, the operation efficiency is much higher than the mouse keyboard, the collection is so, the entry is no exception, touch type The cash register enters the merchandise much faster than the mouse and keyboard.

3. The running speed of the cash register also affects the efficiency of commodity entry. The configuration is too low. The operation is not smooth. It is always stuck. From time to time, there will be a blue screen failure. In the selection of the cash register, it is better to choose a better hardware configuration.

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