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How to Find the Best ePOS Systems in the UK?

Best ePOS Systems

You just discovered there are plenty of performant and suitable ePOS systems to make your business more profitable. Yet, how do you choose the right POS for your business? Furthermore, we are going to help you find the most relevant aspects you should consider before purchasing and which mistakes you should avoid.

Things to Consider Before Buying an EPOS System:

  1. Your Business’ Needs
  2. The Real Budget
  3. Hardware and Software
  4. Training for Your Employees
  5. Customer Support and Service
  6. Demonstration on how to use the system
  7. Positive feedback from previous customers

How to Choose The Best One?

The first thing to have in mind is the type of business you are in. It is really important to know exactly what do you need for your business. Looking for a solution that matches your needs is not easy. Some solutions may be usable for many business industries, others are more specialised and are offering functions for specific actions.Therefore, you have software solutions that can be used in grocery stores, restaurants, bars, spas, jewellery stores, salons, resale store, etc. And, for example, if you need an ePOS system for your restaurants, takeaways orand bars, you might consider the Integer ePOS systems, which specialise in these business sectors.

The second most important thing to consider before purchasing is the price. If you are not entirely sure you want to pay for a complete ePOS system right away, consider renting one. monthly or annual payment may be a better investment for your business. Traditional ePOS systems tend to cost more because they include a supplementary service agreement as well as complementing software, which is usually more suitable for larger businesses. Prices are different from supplier to supplier because of their offerings in terms of software and hardware.

As mentioned above, in terms of software, each brand has developed advanced software with different capabilities and possibilities for business managers. When it comes to hardware, you should start from deciding to use the old peripherals or buy new ones. Some companies offer basic hardware for cheaper prices and better hardware for more expensive orders.

Another aspect of ePOS solutions that is important to think about is after sales service.

You should always compare ePOS systems to find the best one for you.There are few aspects to consider before buying a new ePOS system. Mobile POS systems will offer more choice, as software – apps, can be downloaded, purchased and operated independently from the device. There is more freedom in choosing the app and the device. The choice of hardware or device in this case, is up to the business owner – can range from personal computers through tablets to smartphones.

Today there is a wide variety of ePOS software and hardware. It is a good idea to look for feedback for given ePOS solution. It is also possible to try the chosen ePOS solution demo and see if it the right one for you.

When you are facing the decision of buying an ePOS system, prepare for an indepth research before selecting which one suits your business’ needs best. There are multiple options and suppliers available in the market with specialised services. That is where we can help you the most by customising the ones that fit you the best.