Applications of PDA Devices in Supermarket Product Management

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Update time : 2022-10-14

The retail industry is constantly shifting. Business owners are looking for new ways to manage their business profitably and increasing customer loyalty. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce has increased exponentially. The result is a radical change in retail supply chain management. With the increasing number of orders and the diversification of customer demands, store management are faced unprecedented challenges.

In this article, we will discuss supermarket products management challenges. In addition, we will present to you the possible solutions to these problems through the implementation of PDA devices.

Supermarket Product Management: Challenges

Managing Inventory

Inventory management includes ordering, storing, and selling supermarket commodities. Many businesses still rely on manual operations to manage their product inventory. Relying on manual inventory to check the information of goods is inefficient and prone to errors. For example, if sales and out-of-stock situations of the goods are unknown, it is difficult to carry out inventory control. As a result, the goods are not stored in time and customer may have a poor buying experience.

Data integrity

Data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of data stored in the supermarket database. This aspect is especially critical in the larger supermarket as it is difficult to aggregate data between stores. For instance, headquarters may not obtain the sales of goods of each chain store in a convenient and timely manner. Furthermore, it is difficult for managers to promptly adjust inventory allocation and related strategies. For smaller establishments, internal commodity statistics can also be cumbersome. For example, counter sales may not be reported in time, and a sufficient supply of commodities cannot always be ensured.

Higher customer demands

Over the past two decades, the advent of online communication has radically changed the relationships between brands and consumers. Nowadays, customers share buying experiences online and can check and compare products simply by tipping on their smartphones.

These life improvements have led to higher demands for customers when it comes to in-shop assistance. Thus, supermarket workers are faced with countless inquiries that just technology can answer. The alternative would be providing a poor customer experience that results in lower sales.

Supermarket Product Management: Solutions

The application of PDA equipment to supermarkets can realize the informatization of store inventory, inventory management, order management, logistics distribution, and customer support. Bottom line, PDA solutions can bring higher efficiency and greatly reduce the costs of your business operations.

Below we have shared some of the main applications of PDAs in supermarkets:

Efficient Product Inventory

PDA devices can be used to scan the barcode of the commodity to realize the rapid inventory of goods. The information is clear at a glance, which avoids the inefficiency and ensures the accuracy of the data.

Customer support 

Staff can scan the commodity barcode through the PDA device to display the price, quantity, inventory, and other data. In this way, workers can handle product inquiries in real-time, thus providing customers with a more diverse and convenient shopping experience.

Enhanced Mobility

Still in many supermarkets to inquire about the price and inventory of goods, the staff needs to take the goods to a computer terminal. Nowadays, inquiry can be addressed on the way. PDA devices can scan the product’s barcode to know the price, quantity, and other data in real-time. Needless to say, this brings more convenience both to workers and customers.

Receipt Confirmation

PDA equipment is also used when the supplier delivers the goods in the supermarket warehouse. The consignee scans the barcode on the product with a PDA device, and the receipt is automatically input into the system. This application provides for higher traceability of the products.

Urovo’s Recommendation DT50 Mobile Computer

When we look at the pinnacle of PDAs technology, we look at Urovo’s DT50 Mobile Computer. The 5.7-inch large-size full screen provides enough display area for rich information content (suitable for large supermarket stock). The device IP67 sealing corning glass makes it dustproof, resistant to water and drops.

The DT50 mobile smart terminal is equipped with our patented professional code scanning engine, with high scanning accuracy and speed. The scanner supports international mainstream 1D/2D code scanning and can quickly read color/fold/laminate/screen codes, multi-bar code recognition, and optional OCR function. Besides, for larger establishments, we offer an NFC module for more card swiping applications.

Ultimately, the DT50 offers a wifi/4G dual transmission mode to support workers, ensuring high-speed data transmission and realizing multi-party information sharing. Our device reduces operations downtime by supporting hot battery swap, providing 8-12h of continuous usage and quick charge (within 3 hours). No matter the size of your business, Urovo’s one-stop solution can turn your manual work into a well-managed automated system.

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