Advantages of POS System Integration with Your E-Commerce Platform

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Update time : 2022-11-16

Advantages of POS System Integration with Your E-Commerce Platform

By 2023, retail e-commerce sales in the U.S. will cross $735 billion! With such a huge potential for retailers in terms of market capitalization, a complete Point of Sale (POS) System matters. It’s a no-brainer how POS solutions have a direct and indirect impact on customer experiences. As the facility of e-commerce integration meets POS functionalities – the overall customer journey of your shoppers is bound to change.

Whether your customers are making purchases online or from your store, one thing is certain – the shopping experience should remain consistent. This is where POS integration with your e-commerce platform/website comes into play.


Providing Customers with Accurate Product Information

All kinds of product updates and developments can now be conveyed easily to the customers. This is possible with the help of e-commerce integration with your Point of Sale (POS) system. Updates in product prices or features, and any other new releases, are automatically made to the system. Hence, you wouldn’t need to manually update the same at your store after updating it on your e-commerce platform.

Also, e-commerce optimization can help you resolve customer queries with accuracy and promptness. All in all, such integration has a great impact on customer experience and satisfaction. When your staff will have a lot of information on hand, the need to manage everything from within the store would eventually perish.


Having an up-to-date Inventory

Syncing your e-commerce website with point-of-sale software also affects how accurate your inventory levels are. For instance, automated functionalities let you keep a constant track of your inventory, such as product availability, stocks to order, and so on. Bookkeeping or manually creating invoices are things of the past as all the updates are automatically made to the system.


Making the Shipping Process Faster and Better

Manually processing orders results in unnecessary delays throughout the order placement journey. But if your POS system is integrated with your e-commerce platform, you can speedily complete the entire process from order placement to shipment.


Linking the Systems using POS & E-Commerce Integration

It’s like the good old coordination – it pays off. In this case, all your individual POS functions can be connected with your e-commerce platform. But, how does this help you?

Managing all your store functions from a common junction – online or offline – promises the utmost convenience. Moreover, integrated POS systems let you keep a constant track of your e-commerce sales and transactions. Customer management functions and strategic operations become easier and faster. This is how linking your POS systems and E-commerce platform together can benefit your business.

If you already have an omnichannel online presence, a POS (Point of Sale) System is all you need for integration. It can act as your additional POS solution with multiple features supporting product research, order placements, customer management, and many more.


Can You Get Custom Integrated POS Solutions?

Yes, definitely! Connecting with an all-in-one POS system provider makes it possible for you to get custom solutions. Here, the point-of-sale system can be tailored as per your business needs and type of store. Also, based on your e-commerce metrics, a completely bespoke POS system is on the cards. At PtechPOS, we make it easy for you to get exactly what you seek!


The Bottomline

Merchants and business owners who are prioritizing customer experiences and working on the same are up for greater revenue and sales. Integrating your POS system with your e-commerce portal can help you grow your customer base, serve them better, and attain higher customer retention ratios.

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