8 Key Points You Need From a POS Cashier System

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Update time : 2022-11-15

There are so many choices out there for a POS Cashier System nowadays, how do you select the one that’s suitable for your restaurant?
Here is a list of the most important points that you should never compromise on when choosing a new POS cashier system for your restaurant.
You shouldn’t spend your time adding great information into your POS every time you conduct a transaction and not be able to get any of the information back out. Make sure your point of sale (POS) system has robust reporting to help you better manage your restaurant.
Popular restaurant reports include your top selling items, items that you could potentially remove from the menu, labor reporting, and much more. The reporting system should allow you to run reports wherever you are, and so having robust reports are key to the success of your restaurant and your point of sale system.
Client Database
Having a client database that is easy to manage and add emails, phone numbers, and birthdays is always costful for your marketing efforts.
Normal cash registers don’t do this.
Whether you’re opening a restaurant or upgrading your technology, it’s wiser to invest in a POS cash register that utilizes software with rich customer information management. You can track behavior patterns and even reach out to old faces that haven’t stepped foot in your restaurant for a while.
This is imperative. When you have a line of customers out the door and a backlog of servers waiting to use the register, the last thing you need to be worrying about is technology.
You need support that will get back to you quickly and resolve any questions with minimal downtime. When you’re conducting research for the right POS cash register, make sure you read reviews on the quality of support.
A quality POS cash register system will help with restaurant inventory tracking, so you know the exact moment it is time to reorder food items. Your POS solution should be able to easily manage inventory from anywhere, track items on hand, utilize recipe costing tools, and more.
Gift Card Integration
Integrated gift cards are a great and easy way to increase sales, as gift card users tend to spend up to 60% more than non-gift card spenders.
If this feature is run through your cash register, the number will be recorded and won’t throw off your metrics or sales reports. Running a gift card program outside of your POS can make it more difficult to keep track of your funds of measure the effectiveness of your program.
Loyalty Program Integration
Getting customers back in the door always seems to be a challenge with the vast number of restaurant options out there.
Using an easy-to-setup, set it and forget it loyalty program makes it easy for you to attract repeat customers. Like with gift cards, it’s easier to measure the effectiveness of loyalty through your POS instead of an external program.
Oh, and did we mention these programs can increase ticket size by 46%?
Credit Card Processing
Credit card processing is more important than ever to restaurants. So, check with companies to see what their policy is. If the credit card processing is run through the POS cash register, this can oftentimes result in lower rates.
Again – do your research!
Powerful Hardware
Your restaurant hardware is going to get handled by lots of people, and most of the time their hands will be covered in food. You want hardware that will hold up to the task, so you don’t have to replace it every couple of years.
Also, please keep in mind that iPads are not built for restaurants.
Customized Menu Functions
All restaurants are not created equal, but the traditional cash register doesn’t recognize that.
You need a system that is built specifically for you and your restaurant’s needs. Newer POS cash registers have an intuitive interface that can be built just for your restaurant. The more unique your menu is, the more your menu should be customizable.

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