5 Types of POS Machines

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Update time : 2022-10-13

The pos machine, also called card machine, is also called point-of-sale intelligence system, which is common in large shopping malls or various retail stores. pos machine is a kind of terminal reader equipped with barcode or OCR code technology, with cash or barter amount cashier function. Its main task is to provide data services and management functions for merchandise and media transactions with non-cash settlement. So, do you know what are the types of pos cash registers? Here’s what you need to know with me – the types of POS machines.

POS general classification are:


Fixed POS, mobile POS, network POS, cell phone POS , smart POS four categories.

1, fixed POS machine.

Fixed POS is a types of POS machines, also known as wired POS, installed in the merchant’s fixed application site, fixed POS terminal through the telephone line dialing the information first sent to the UnionPay platform, the UnionPay platform to identify the relevant information will be sent to the debit information to the issuing bank, the issuing bank to confirm, and then send back information to the UnionPay platform, the UnionPay confirmation, from the fixed terminal print After confirmation by UnionPay, the card signature voucher and card record voucher will be printed out from the fixed terminal. It is an immovable POS terminal device.

2, mobile POS.

Mobile POS is also called mobile point of sale, handheld POS, wireless POS, the application of mobile sales in various industries. Mobile POS is a RF-SIM card terminal reader. Reader terminals are connected to the data server through CDMA; GPRS; TCP/IP, etc. When working, the cell phone equipped with RF-SIM will “swipe” the card on the mobile POS and enter the relevant business information (transaction type, amount, how many points, etc.) The POS will send the obtained information to the data server through various networks. The server processes the data accordingly and then returns the results to the POS and displays them on the machine, thus completing a point and data service. To put it bluntly, the same as the cell phone, there is a signal where the card payment can be achieved, is currently one of the most commonly used POS.

3, network POS.

Network POS is based on an Internet payment collection system. For all types of merchants to provide safe, fast and convenient cash register services. Network POS also has order management, order inquiries, online stores, e-commerce, current money transfers and other powerful cashier business management functions. However, it is limited to places where there is a network, because the network POS must be available in order to achieve POS card payments. There are also people who say offline network POS.

4, mobile POS.

Cell phone POS is to add a certain kind of additional equipment or the use of smart phone features to complete a means of direct card payment from the phone, easy to carry, easy to swipe, but because the machine needs to be connected to the phone’s USB port or headset port, thus bringing security risks to these interfaces, the damage rate is high and should not be used for a long time. Its main functions are to complete cash or barter amount cashier, record statistics of member consumption points, control management of service network point merchandise sales, financial management, etc. Through the above functions, it finally achieves the purpose of easy payment, attracting customers and optimizing management to enhance competitiveness.

5、Smart POS

This POS machine can be said to be the most popular one, just as we are now accustomed to using smart phones. Smart POS can not only brush the bank card, but also support NFC flash payment, sweep code payment and other payment methods, very much in line with the current consumer diversity payment.

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