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Update time : 2022-11-24
The retail industry is consistently adapting to innovative and pioneering technologies such as supermarket POS (Point-of-Sale) systems and software. ,POS systems are expected to do it all! With stiff competition amongst retail store chains across the United States, it has become imminent to elevate your point-of-sale operations.

Having a streamlined supermarket POS system hardware integration and providing in-demand checkout facilities to the customers have become the topmost priorities. It can help you attract more customers to your store and record greater sales. Hence, it’s important to choose your supermarket POS software provider wisely, after figuring out what features you’d need.

For instance, features like sale pricing and buy-down amount management are pivotal for supermarkets. But keeping in mind the ever-evolving customer expectations, the need to improve customer experience, and merchant requirements, some unique features make your store the top choice in town.

Here are 5 such features you should look for while buying a supermarket POS system:


Integrated Food Stamp Processing

Food stamps, or the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, fall under the purview of EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer). These benefits include Government subsidies for financially underprivileged individuals. This ensures the purchase of food items as a basic necessity.

A supermarket POS system must offer an integrated food stamp processing feature as a mode of payment for eligible customers. This feature will give the relevant customers easy access to food while benefitting you as a merchant. Not only you’d expand your customer base, but also contribute towards a social cause. If your store meets the eligibility criteria for SNAP, you should immediately upgrade to an EBT-enabled POS system!


Advanced SIL Engine for Supplier File Processing

Processing supplier files in bulk is a major need for merchants. A supermarket or grocery store POS system should fulfill the same. Illustratively, Retail POS software for supermarkets by PtechPOS comes with an advanced SIL (Structured Import Language) engine. This enables merchants to import supplier files in bulk and without any hassle.


Non-PLU Barcode Processing

Non-PLU (Price Lookup) is used for barcodes in-built with important product information. These codes can be assigned with specific details like the product’s net weight or price. Using a POS scale and label printer, you can assign such barcodes after the product’s weight is measured. Supermarket POS systems require non-PLU barcode processing to close sales during checkouts in an efficient and fast-paced manner.

Specifically, at the time of checkout, items like vegetables are weighed and a real-time price is prompted based on the weight of the product. A grocery POS system, for instance, helps you process non-PLU barcodes.


Integrated WIC Check Processing

WIC is a part of the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) specially incorporated to support Women, Infants, and Children. It ensures the delivery of nutritious food products via supermarkets and grocery stores. It benefits pregnant and postnatal women with insufficient finances, and children of age 5 or below deemed who are at risk. Each month, it serves around 9million beneficiaries of WIC. Every state is responsible for authorizing stores to accept WIC checks.

As per the US Department of Agriculture (Food and Nutrition Service), if your store serves any of these foods, you can apply for WIC authorization:

  • Infant formula
  • Infant and adult cereal
  • Baby food fruits
  • Vegetables, fruits, and meat
  • Whole wheat bread

Other foods include brown rice, soft corn, whole wheat tortillas, juice, eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, dried beans and peas, soy beverage, tofu, and canned fish.

A supermarket POS software enabled with WIC check processing can help you serve the customers who fall under the WIC category. Along with the good deed, you’d be creating a good chance for your business to thrive. This is because your customer base will broaden with WIC beneficiaries choosing your supermarket over others.


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